While the outlook for riding during the winter period is typically grim in the UK, the turn of the new year is an exciting time as most motorcycle manufacturers choose to unveil and launch their newest motorcycles. Ducati even claims that the new engine, which delivers 85% of its torque at under 3,500rpm, has the highest torque output of any bike in its class at 4,000rpm, a welcome change as we found the 1200 to be a bit sluggish from a rolling start when compared to, say, the BMW S1000XR.

The KLR650's simplicity might be its appeal, but it also comes with the usual touring and adventure accessories like a front screen, a decent sized gas tank and luggage racks, and of course, it's an absolute joy to ride. And since most adventures require a good deal of road riding, we felt that the Super Tenere deserved a place on the list.

2. Riders must be fully self-supported. Yamaha is credited with rekindling popular interest in dirt worthy motorcycles that could also be ridden on the street. You make a huge leap in assuming a new adventure rider cannot afford or even should not spend more than $10,000 on a bike.

The qualities of modern adventure bikes make them a tempting alternative to other road bikes, especially for touring, with the promise of some off-road capability a bonus. There are no electronic rider aids to speak of - no traction control, no ride-by-wire, and no riding modes.

From the selection you guys are giving i see the Vstrom as a nice rider friendly adventure bike that will not scare new riders. Via an electronic throttle system, the rider's request is now passed on directly by a sensor on the throttle grip to the engine control and in turn the throttle valve.

After all, the most familiar machines in the category - BMW's top selling R1200GSA, Ducati's newly-enlarged enlarged Multistrada 1260, KTM's 1290 Super Adventure and even Britain's own 1200 Tiger - are exactly that: tall, heavy, imposing and, due to often being equipped with every electronic gizmo and accessory imaginable, pricey, too.

On top of this comes a host of core technologies that are at the heart of the Tiger 800s superb riding experience, including; switchable ABS and traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, heated rider and pillion seats and grips, powered sockets (12v and USB) and an immobiliser.

I have friends on drz's, the wr is better off road and with 6th gear cruises on the highway with less vibes and using a lot less fuel. Many miles of dedicated and graded gravel roads, plus almost endless off-road links, it's the perfect place to hone your off-road skills on an Adventure Bike.

A new, modern TFT dash has been implemented, switchgear is backlit (we love this), and an Off-Road Pro rider mode will help make the behemoth a little more sure footed on the dirt. Selecting the best Adventure Bike always depends on each individual's riding experience, budget and the intended usage of the bike.

I bought these for adventure riding after dirt biking in my Tech 8's for years. The same keys to success in long distance racing pay off for riders looking to tackle off-road at any skill level. Components appear to dual sport adv be of good quality—radial brakes, spoked wheels with tubeless tires, upside down forks—but the bike also appears to sit decidedly on the touring side of the broad adventure-touring spectrum.

The other reason for avoiding big side luggage is that it will restrict your riding, both in the trails that you can tackle and how you ride the bike - getting your leg stuck under an aluminium box is not going to help your day. 4. Riders must follow the Dutch laws at any time.

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